Complex and Catastrophic Personal Injury

Serious personal injury can have a devastating effect on an individual, a family, or a business. We appreciate the stressors and challenges created by personal injury and we have the experience and the tools to bring these cases to an efficient and proper resolution.

We appreciate the toll that personal injury cases can take – physically, emotionally, and economically. We have extensive experience in cases involving injuries caused by products, conditions on premises, pharmaceuticals, toxic torts, means of transit, and food-borne illnesses. In addition, we have handled hundreds of cases involving injury to children.

Representative Cases

  • Retained to mediate hundreds of claims of sexual abuse and negligent supervision between claimants and religious orders nationwide.
  • Mediated claims of product liability including medical devices, nail guns, table saws, fire suppression equipment, cars and trucks, farm and heavy equipment, automatic doors, tires, car seats, bicycles, industrial, manufacturing and food processing equipment, material handling equipment, hand and power tools, lawn and garden products, safety equipment, ladders, step stools, and toys.
  • Retained to author expert opinion to Superior Court on propriety of an eight-figure settlement for a minor in an injury resulting in paralysis.
  • Appointed by Judge Judith Fitzgerald, Chief United States Bankruptcy Judge for the Western District for Pennsylvania to serve as the sole arbitrator in a dispute between 285 claimants and DII Industries, LLC as part of the Halliburton Asbestos Settlement.
  • Mediated 15 claims arising from gas explosion at Stonehill College off-campus residence.
  • Mediated wrongful death action brought on behalf of teenager who died while in care of nationally-known wilderness program.
  • Mediated catastrophic injury case brought against international agency engaged in world health matters.

Complex Business Disputes: Representative Cases

We help businesses succeed.

Businesses thrive when they move forward. When claims arise that disrupt commerce, we can get companies back on track through the use of alternative dispute resolution.

We have experience mediating and arbitrating disputes between parties, claims involving start-up financing and ongoing obligations, business-to-business disputes, work-outs, buy-outs, dissolutions, and bad faith claims.

Representative Cases      

  • Mediated dispute between owners of fitness facility involving claims and cross-claims related to partnership agreement.
  • Mediated dispute between former partners of nationally known law firm regarding buy-out from partnership.
  • Mediated dispute between partners in dental practice regarding division of practice areas into distinct corporate entities.
  • Mediated numerous disputes between franchisor and franchisees of nationally known food vendor regarding provisions of franchise agreements.
  • Mediated disputes arising out of Asset Purchase Agreement involving purchase of commercial storage business.
  • Resolved real estate and contract dispute between sophisticated business entities arising out of claims of breach of lease provisions.
  • Arbitrated coverage claim between insurers arising out of fire loss that destroyed apartment complex.

Construction Disputes

We keep the construction industry on track by bringing claims to resolution quickly and efficiently.

Construction projects demand expertise and precision. Even with the best planning and execution, a project can be derailed by legal disputes. We have experience in mediating and arbitrating matters involving public bidding and procurement, contract disputes, change orders, extra work claims, disputes involving construction and design defects, payment and performance bonds, insurance coverage, subrogation, and injury on the work site. We routinely handle disputes between owners, general contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, construction managers, designers, insurers, and laborers.

Representative Cases

  • Mediated dispute between owner, GC, architect and sub-contractors involving materials failure on multimillion dollar commercial project.
  • Mediated claims, cross-claims, subrogation claims and claims for legal fees arising out of alleged negligence of multiple parties on multimillion dollar commercial site.
  • Mediated dispute between historical commission, architects and contractors arising out of restoration projects in a Boston church.
  • Mediated dispute between religious group and their general contractor and neighbors regarding construction of controversial house of worship.
  • Mediated and arbitrated numerous construction disputes between owners and contractors in residential construction cases.
  • Mediated highly contentious dispute between owner of multimillion dollar island property and general contractor.
  • Selected as arbitrator for tripartite arbitration of commercial subrogation action arising out of water intrusion in curtain wall of commercial storage facility.

Employment Disputes

We help businesses and their employees succeed together.

Businesses are made up of human beings. From time to time, disagreements arise in the workplace. Our firm has extensive experience in helping management and employees resolve their disputes in a thoughtful, fair, and respectful manner. We create a safe arena for all parties to be heard and we facilitate open and productive communication.

To that end, we work with individuals, institutional parties, corporations, insurers, non-profit entities, and government agencies to resolve employment disputes.

Representative Cases

  • Mediated hundreds of disputes between municipal and state employees, including police, fire and public safety personnel, and municipalities.
  • Conducted internal investigation and facilitated discussion for nationally-known non-profit regarding workplace disruption.
  • Frequently engaged to mediate claims brought under the jurisdiction of state and federal administrative agencies such as the MCAD and EEOC.
  • Extensive experience in employment and shareholder disputes, workplace discrimination actions, accessibility disputes, and claims of discrimination in the workplace based on age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and disability.
  • Currently serve as facilitator in workplace disputes; retained to identify and resolve intra-company conflicts within management teams, workforce, and between management and workforce.
  • Mediated resolution of claims arising out of termination of an executive, with claims including misappropriation of trade secrets and intentional interference with economic opportunity in biomedical field.
  • Trained REDRESS mediator retained by United States Postal Service to mediate disputes between management and letter carriers, including negotiations with union representatives.

Title IX and Institutions

Title IX requires educational institutions to maintain policies, practices, and programs that do not discriminate against anyone based on sex. We help individuals and institutions work through Title IX claims in a process that is compassionate, thorough, and fair.

Title IX claims are painful for the claimants and for the respondent institutions. Whether we are investigating those claims, facilitating discussions between the parties, or mediating disputes arising out of Title IX claims, we handle every case with sensitivity, discretion, and professionalism. We understand the toll that Title IX claims take on all sides and we help resolve those claims in a restorative, respectful manner.

Representative Cases

  • Mediated claim brought by student assaulted on School Year Abroad program.
  • Mediated numerous claims brought by parents of special needs students against various school districts.
  • Mediated claims of sexual discrimination brought by students against various universities.
  • Facilitated on-campus discussion between student intending to file Title IX claim and potential respondent, resulting in resolution of matter pre-claim and creation of action plan endorsed by both parties.
  • Mediated claims brought by student-athlete against coach and institution arising out of on-campus conduct.
  • Mediated claim brought by students assaulted by faculty member.