Title IX requires educational institutions to maintain policies, practices, and programs that do not discriminate against anyone based on sex. We help individuals and institutions work through Title IX claims in a process that is compassionate, thorough, and fair.

Title IX claims are painful for the claimants and for the respondent institutions. Whether we are investigating those claims, facilitating discussions between the parties, or mediating disputes arising out of Title IX claims, we handle every case with sensitivity, discretion, and professionalism. We understand the toll that Title IX claims take on all sides and we help resolve those claims in a restorative, respectful manner.

Representative Cases

  • Mediated claim brought by student assaulted on School Year Abroad program.
  • Mediated numerous claims brought by parents of special needs students against various school districts.
  • Mediated claims of sexual discrimination brought by students against various universities.
  • Facilitated on-campus discussion between student intending to file Title IX claim and potential respondent, resulting in resolution of matter pre-claim and creation of action plan endorsed by both parties.
  • Mediated claims brought by student-athlete against coach and institution arising out of on-campus conduct.
  • Mediated claim brought by students assaulted by faculty member.